VetFolio Tutorial: Adding a Course to "My Classroom"

If you need to access the courses you've added to your "My Classroom," follow this quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Log into your VetFolio account at

  2. Click on My VetFolio in the top navigation bar.

  3. To access your courses, under My VetFolio select "My Classroom."

    My Classroom Tutorial Image 1

  4. From here you will see the list of courses you've added to your library - you can use the Search bar under the Classroom Search to locate a course if you don't see it immediately:

    My Classroom Tutorial Image 2

  5. To begin a course, simply click on the title in your Library, and you will see this:

    My Classroom Tutorial Image 3

  6. Click on View Now to begin the course (if you have pop-up blockers on your browser you will need to disable them for this page!) The course will open in a pop-up window:

    My Classroom Tutorial  Image 4

  7. If you have not successfully passed the Course/Quiz you will see the red "Completion Criteria have not been met" in the Title bar of the course. Once you have successfully passed the Quiz this will turn Green, and you can Submit your Credit to receive your CE Certificate.

Note: To access your existing CE and finish out any courses you’ve started on VetFolio's learning management platform prior to Feb. 29, 2016, please access the Course Archives drop down in the navigation bar on before June 1. Click here to view the tutorial on accessing your course archives.

If you have any questions about VetFolio and your CE, please contact us at We hope you enjoy the enhancements and new benefits this platform will bring to your VetFolio experience.

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