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VetFolio offers select articles from Compendium, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Therapeutics, Compendium Equine, and Standards of Care for you to reference. Compendium and Veterinary Technician archives are open access and do not require an active VetFolio subscription to reference! These journals are no longer in current publication, and due to file format, some articles (including articles prior to 2002-2003) may have been omitted from the website.

NAVC currently publishes two bimonthly, peer-reviewed clinical journals for veterinary staff: Today’s Veterinary Practice and Today’s Veterinary Technician. Both journals contain RACE-approved CE articles and are free to veterinary professionals! You can read articles from past issues and subscribe to the print and/or digital editions by following the links to the journal websites below.

Today’s Veterinary Practice is the NAVC’s official journal for veterinarians.
Click here to go to the Today’s Veterinary Practice website.

Today’s Veterinary Technician
is the NAVC’s official journal for veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, veterinary technician students, and other members of the veterinary healthcare team.
Click here to go to the Today’s Veterinary Technician website.

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